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I started building my own BoB and doing this prepping thing a few months ago. my family is on board to an extent. my brother sees where its good to be prepped but I think he thinks I am being a bit paranoid when I have 5 days worth of clothes packed and am gathering supplies being "ready to go". I suggested he should at least have a bag of clothes packed up in a bag and he gave me "the look". :rolleyes:

its not just about the downfall of society its about an earthquake or a flood or whatever.

I have somewhere to take my people if we have to bug out. I have discussed plans on gathering family from the city and where to meet and... ya know. not really a plan as much as a guideline.

I discuss theory and work out solutions to certain scenarios with my buddy am learning things I never thought I would need. like how to clear a room by slicing the pie and whatnot. just "Barney basic" stuff no tactical ninjitsu stealth mode death punch lightning kicks with special wall climbing boots or anything. I wish I could learn that stuff and be like the cool kids :rolleyes:

anyway... I am of the impression. and this is just my opinion your mileages may vary. it doesn't matter how much you run scenarios through your head and discuss how you would handle something or try to train yourself to be able to handle yourself.

something is always going to go wrong. you can have a sams club warehouse in your basement and the ONE STUPID LITTLE THING you don't have is the thing you will need or what you will miss the most.

you cant prepare for it. you can and should try your best. being prepped gives you a far far better shot than someone thats oblivious and doesn't even have food in the cupboard at all. there are just too many bases to cover though. too many random acts. too many variables. you just don't know. you can try to cover everything but its impossible to store enough poo tickets and tampons to last forever. ammo will eventually run out. of course I am talking worst of the worst case scenarios. ammo gets used up. reloading supplies get used up. casings get lost and damaged. the rabbits suddenly die off or the chickens get killed by a raccoon.

adapt and overcome. am I right?

I look at youtube a lot. Patriotnurse raises a lot of good points I never really thought about. without getting sidetracked too much, woman have a lot of special needs. child birth being one thing I think would be very difficult to prep for. birth control will be something that really cannot be prepped. no electricity and other things to do at night... :twisted: babies will be made.

as much as I think about it and WANT to be ready. I feel like its never going to be enough. never enough food. never enough skill. never enough planning. hoping the tools and gear are durable.

don't read this like I am obsessed or anything. its just the opposite. I realize there are limitations and I am trying to work out what I can within mine.

I guess I just want to throw this out there and get some feedback and thoughts on the subject. the philosophy of it from another point of view.

generally speaking it scares the hell out of me to think about. doing little things like learning to build a decent rifle sling or butcher animals effectively helps ease my mind a bit. ya know?

what are your thoughts? what skills have you learned or want to learn that will help you "after"?
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