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I have only shot about 100 rounds out of my XD since I got it. But one thing I never liked about them was the trigger.
I ordered a Powder River Match Trigger Kit and installed it last night.
Not too bad, just take your time.
I have a mic so doing the sear was a breeze, had to sand off about .003".
You dont have to use a mic, but it will be a lot of test fitting.
The notch on the back side had to be sanded some so the grip safety would work.
Overall not too bad to install.
If you have some mechanical ability you can do it.
Now I would not ask someone to install one that doesnt. It can be easy to get frustrated with the little spring.
I like doing mods to everything, so why not the gun.
The trigger stop I had to take some off also. But that is easy. I would just watch sanding it flat because then it wont hit right. Sand at the angle of the location it is going to make contact.
The trigger is great. Short throw and quick. Hope to test it out this weekend.
Next thing is sights, dont think I will tackle this one because of what I have read about them being a PIA to get out.
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