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POS Cable Lock

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I know it's not the worst thing in the world (love my XD so far!). Yes I have to use it (it's a felony in NJ if a minor is allowed access to a firearm/ammo).

Anyone else have issues with the cable lock that Springfield provides with their XD products?

The cable lock that is provided rarely engages the first time (takes about four or five attempts) and the key has to be left in the lock body and cannot be removed until the lock reengages. I sent their customer service a message about it so they sent me another one. Got it today and the same things are going on with this one.

Am I spoiled? Other brands that I use engage every time without missing a beat plus the key can be removed while the cable is open!
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I spent about 5 minutes one day trying to lock up my dad's revolver with the Springfield lock... I was locking it up because I was drinking. And I swear, as I worked at it, I was getting intoxicated.

Definitely a POS, but you can pick one up for free at your local PD probably.
Firsty time i used mine it went "sprong" and all the little parts went a flyin. I put it back together and found that i cant use the key to unlock it. If i do then it explodes like the first time. To unlock it i just need to tug it and it unlocks.

BTW, i am a locksmith (among other things) so yes the lock is put together right.
I have a box of various gun locks that have come with my new guns over the past couple of years. They all pretty much suck. When I get a new gun I toss the lock in the box and lock my guns up in my gun cabinet. IMHO it is far safer for both the gun and any kids if they are locked out of sight.

You ought to see the convoluted lock that I am suppose to use with my Winchester 9410. You have to thread it through the loading gate and up through the ejection port. It a pain in the butt to put on, even harder to get off and when it’s on it leaves the action open and you have this lever sticking out making it impossible to really store the gun any where.

my cable lock after the first time i shot my new XD failed to release my key, it was really cold at the shooting range also so i just turned the key as hard as i could, unlocked it and threw it away. luckily the range was giving away free cable locks. sucks! but hey, i love the gun!


Geonap...why does that sheet music say "In The Eng"? :)
That lock is annoying, but I've gotten used to it. If you leave the key in the unlocked position and stuff the end of the cable in as far as it will go, you can turn the key to locked and it comes out easy. Maybe I got a "better" one than you guys or something.
I dunno what you guys are talking about--the one that came with mine is pretty nice. At first I had a hard time getting the loose end to engage in the lock, but a little WD-40 down & in made it fine. Never had a problem with the key either.

Went to our first gunshow (with kids in tow) and on the way out some guy handed my 2 year old little girl a new cable lock. That one's NICE... It does keep the key in the "unlock" position (and retains the key) until you lock it again, at which time it pops the key back to the locked position and lets you extract it. Little miss was sooooooo excited for her new toy... :D
I like the mfg supplied locks! They make great targets, thats just about all they're good for, unless one wants to use it as a head knocker!
Made the Monkey Look!

Okay, so I had never even put the key in any of my manufacturer provided gun locks. I have a safe, so I never had the need. I just had to go look after reading this thread. My Springfield lock is great! Well-cut key, it can be closed with the key removed (like a quality Masterlock type lock). No problems. However, my Sig226 lock and Glock 17 locks are abysmal! The key has dulled edges, and it isn't clear weather it was cut or stamped. Very shoddy, with soft serations. The key has to be in the lock and rotated (while Mars and Jupiter align, with me holding my jaw just right) to allow it to fasten, then the key has to be rotated back to the lock position to "grab" it. The Glock (red) and Sig (blue) locks I have both say "30mm, Made in China", and are clearly of the same origin (junky lock factory). My XD lock (yellow with Spfld crossed canon armory logo in blue) says "Made in Taiwan". Nice lock. Sounds like Springfield may have decided to cut some costs and go to the Made in China version like their competitors! Okay... now I have officially opened the locks that came with my guns and puttered away five minutes. Hah! Thanks guys! If it matters, my XD is just under two years old.
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Sorry for the slight hijack... but here in the People's Republic of California there is a state law that will not allow the Federally approved manufacturer-supplied locks to be distributed to the consumer. Instead, (unless you have a safe.... :wink: ) you are forced to shell out another $15.00 for a CALIFORNIA approved lock.... because that will save lives, right?

-rant off-

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