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Hmm. How many of those people living on the street would be in a mental hospital/asylum if we still had those? How many of those people living on the street are/have been hooked on drugs and it destroyed their lives, minds and bodies?

How many people thing homeless people are about as harmless as stray/wild cats?

I'm sure some of them are closer to normal than others, but, how close?

How many of them have been vaccinated for the china virus? According to the government all of us law abiding, tax payers are a problem for not getting the vax. Then they allow/even encourage the illegal immigration of the un vaccinated. They allow the concentrations of homeless to take over sections of some cities/towns. So, who thinks the government (local, state and federal) are going to do anything effective in fixing the issues?

Me, I just stay away from the big cities and parts of the smaller cities. You/we are responsible for the safety of ourselves and our families (while they live with us and follow sensible ways to live.) I brought my boys up shooting guns, bought them guns when they still lived in the house with us, and taught them to shoot. Tried to teach them some philosophy about life and taking care of themselves and their families. Both of them got concealed carry licenses but neither of them carry. All I can do is hope they never have the need to carry. I can't do it for them.
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