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Ported & Compensated Barrels

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Im a revolver man. But now looking into the XD (after shooting one of my buddies XD9 :D ) XD40 for me. Now are this barrels much of difference to really notice? My XD is on the way, wasn't to sure on the V10. Now is night flash a problem? Also if I was interested in purchasing one where could I get one? -Barrel & Slide if possible. Thanx for Feedback
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I have accounts with both EFK and barsto barrels, With the V10 the flash is there and depends on you if it is really troublesome. A simple barrel swap though and you wont have to worry about the flash, and can change what calibre you use. I would go ahead and try it out then ask yourself what your needs are. Like is this a CCW or just for the range.
Whats the price for Barsto 4" ported barrel? Do know of any other company's that make this type of barrel?
Barsto barrels are going to run right under 190, and the EFK barrels about 150. Efk is the one one who has and makes alot of the ported barrels though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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