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Polishing the slide??

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Maybe a really dumb question. I have already polished the entire barrel using a dremel tool with two finishing abrasive buffs (little fluffy looking things) and then a buffing wheel with emery cake and white rouge for a final finish.

Anyone ever used this same combo on the entire slide. I think it would turn out looking pretty cool and with proper aftercare it'd be just fine rust wise. I also figured that worst case scenario I could just send it out to get coated from one of the many vendors out there.
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It's been done. Polished to a mirror finish with great difficulty. There are pics in this thread. Some liked it, others didn't.

If you want the whole slide polished look, send it to get a hard crhome refinish
Well with about 2 hours into the slide now I'm getting close to where I want it to be. Still needs some touch up in certain areas and a couple final passes with white rouge to get all the final little scratches out. I'm not really going for the "chrome" look, and if in the end I don't like the look I'll just send it out to get coated.

pics so far

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The gun is now finished (pics to come) and it does stay in oil. I'll eventually be putting a coat of armadillo on it to keep it looking good.
I like that .45!!!!


What components did you use. Barstock slide that you cut down??
I can't find my good light I usually use for pics like these. More pics later this week when my other gun mods come in and my new XD hat :)

I've always been a fan of the bi-tone and I'm glad I finally have one since springfield only sells the .45 gap in a bi-tone tactical.

Now I'll be the first to critique my own work and say that if I'd payed for this work I'd be a bit upset, but as it is I'm more than happy with it.
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