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Please don’t chastise me for polishing my gun barrel before actually shooting it. There were nicks and dings, tooling marks, and putting in the steel long before I started polishing the gun barrel and I didn’t polish it for the bling! Lol, I polished it because I pay attention to details and aesthetics because the gun barrel had mor then its fair share of cosmetic issues right out of the box. I’m still a little peeved that Springfield would sell a new gun with cosmetic issues like that out of the box!

So I polished the pistol barrel and as I slowly removed the finish with 1500 grit sand paper more pitting in the steel and tooling marks became ever mor apparent. I was starting to think maybe Springfield puts a finish on their barrels to hide all these blemishes in the steel? Springfield coined it as character when they addressed the issue in response to my concerns.

During the polishing phase the biggest issue I had the hardest time with was pores in the gun barrel steel. They didn’t want to come out! It took me quite a while to get them out and with a buffing wheel on a mini bench grinder, I was finally able to do it.

Today I went and shot the pistol and it performed flawlessly with no hang up. The only problem is; the mag doesn’t always like to click into place. I have to work it in sometimes but there was no misfires or jams.

I go home and disassembled the pistol and inspected the wear on the barrel. All seemed like normal wear except here on the barrel hood? I’m wondering if this is normal wear for a break in period because I hadn’t shot the pistol yet before polishing it? What do you think - what’s your thoughts. It’s a little concerning but I’m wondering if slide lip is just rounding out the barrel hood here; I’m wondering if this is normal?

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