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Pleased with XD9

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After seeing the XD advertised in about every gun magazine around I figured I should give one a try so I ordered one from my local gun store and was pleased to find it came with a decent foam lined case, 3 mags and a holster. Gave it a good cleaning and took it to the range where I put 500 rds of white box through it with no problems, being not all that familiar with it I was still pleased with the accuracy compared to other guns of this barrel length. Being a new gun and new to me I found the trigger pull to be fine.
Overall very happy with the purchase, one to keep.
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Good to know. Welcome to the forums and congrats on your wise new purchase. :)
welcome aboard!!!!did you get the .40, or 9MM????
mmsig229 said:
welcome aboard!!!!did you get the .40, or 9MM????
Pleased with XD9
nice, how do you like the new style case?
Good choice.And welcome to the forum. is it a service model 9MM or the Tactical 9MM. Anyway welcome and soak up the knowledge that is here.
I got the 9mm service model, as far as the case it is not the hard plastic like I have seen most come with but a bit nicer case lined with foam to hold the gun , mags, lock and holster, It had a sheet of paper on top saying this was a limited time promotion to celebrate the launch of XD Gear and XD Holster.
I bought my XDs last summer.

Hard case, no foam.
2, 10 round mags
no holster

No cake
No clowns
No balloons
No soup

drats! :x
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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