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John Walsh, through his TV show and website, has a program for recognizing and rewarding First Responders for work they have done on and off duty.

One of my friends (public disclaimer) is one of the finalists. After reading why he got nominated, I would appreciate it if you could vote for him. And if you think one of the other finalists is more deserving; then please vote for that person.

Voting can be done every day and from multiple email addresses (if so desired) but ends on 8 May.

Stan's a great guy who is very involved with his community and church and there's a lot more to his story then what was printed. His family has "adopted" the family that was involved in the car crash that you'll read about and they now have daily interactions with them.

Here is the link to Deputy Stan Bennett's page on the AMW website. You will also find a link for the other finalists there. http://www.amw.com/allstar/201...e-detail.cfm?id=8849

Stan doesn't know I'm doing this and I think it would be neat to see how many votes we can get in, for whomever you pick, before the 8 May deadline. I'd love to show him multiple pages of "I Voted" here on XDTalk so when you finish voting, please come back and write just a simple "I Voted" reply to this post. This request is only being put in two places; here and SigForum - my two favorite gun forums.


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