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pass it sound like they are trying to dress it up with cheap UTG crap to get full price out of it utg feels solid until it's been pounded acres hudred times

Being 14 years old does not make it worth more a brand new modle would cost you right at the same price I just picked up one a few weeks ago that was only a year or two old for $1050 off a local board it was completely stock but worth the money

That said in my days of selling cars a old pro told you have to ask for it all just because he is asking new price doesn't make him shady unless he starts making crap up see if he is flexible on his price or if he will strip off the UTG stuff and sell it for $900 then use the extra money and buy a set of MI rails and BUIS

UTG rails are about $45 NIB and if they are UTG sight subtract another $25 and see if the price still seems fair for a 14 year old stock rifle

Then again a good deal is a state of mind if your happy with the product and the price you pay that's all that matters at least until you decide to sell it
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