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Picked up a Lipseys exclusive Full FDE Glock 19

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More Glock goodness to my collection.

More detailed pictures coming when I have time to take them tomorrow. Stay tuned :)

Here is a vid to tide you over.

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Oh man, it's gonna be Sooooo much baby poop :-D
Someone needs an intervention...:shock:

Look forward to the pics...:mrgreen:
Does Lipsey's just do the paint job or does it come with other mods/improvements?
this is a glock 19 i really want...
They look like a different FDE than the standard Glock FDE, I'm curious to see your pics. Congrats!
More Glock goodness to my collection. Will post pictures soon :)

Well....that's awesome! Congratulations!
More Glock goodness to my collection. Will post pictures soon :)
What a tease:p

Congrats and looking forward to the pics
No pictures yet so he is lying until he provides evidence otherwise
Yeah, this is BS. I don't think that we, as a community, should be permitting this sort of behavior.

Updated with picture. Will post more soon :) So lovely, everything I envisioned when the FDE frame came out.
Yep that's Glock FDE! Enjoy your new toy.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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