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Pearce Extension ? w/LEO Mags UPDATE

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James. Does the Plus 2 mag extension hold two .40, or two 9mm?
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That would be 2 9mm and 1 40
ONLY 1 40!?! WTF? Ill have to think about this one.
Thanks James. Ordered via paypal. :)
ajamesp51 said:
That would be 2 9mm and 1 40

So what would I need to do to get my 9mm mags with +2 extentions to hold the extra 2 ... mine curently only hold 1 extra ?
While attempting to attach the +2 extension to the LEO mags, it was quickly evident that the mag spring in the LEO mag is made different than the spring the restricted capacity mags. The coils at the top are smaller and increase in diameter towards the base. Thus, the mag insert that comes with the Pearce extension will not fit around the LEO mag spring since the coils at the base are larger that on the restricted mags. It works fine on the restricted capacity mag spring, but not the LEO spring. Had to use the factory base plate. Works fine and gets 18 total in the mag.
I got two in the mail today...my intention was to install them on my 12 rnd .40 mags. Alas, I ran into what sounds like the same issue as you described. However, I don't seem to be able to use the stock base plate like you said. If I do, the extention does not stay locked into the mag, and could slide off quite easily it seems. I took apart a 10 rnd mag, and the spring and follower are definately different. I swapped the follower and spring between the two mags, and now everything works. I'm wondering about reliability though....I haven't be able to fire them yet, though I've loaded and unloaded them both several times and everything seems ok....any ideas? Am I cooking up trouble?
I haven't had any problems with mine. I only use them in competition, not for carry.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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