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Alright, this may seem a little odd but here goes. My buddys father was LE for like 22 years and carried a Glock 17 for a long time and we were over at his house tonight talking about the ol' 'XD vs. Glock' routine and he was commenting on how similar the Glock and XD are to eachother. He was pretty impressed with the XD my buddy had bought today as it was the first one he had ever seen and he stated that he wouldn't mind trading in his service Glock for either a more compact Glock or a XD-SC. Naturally I recommended the XD to him. This is where my question comes in. He was wondering if the similarities to the Glock were because Glock doesn't have certain patents anymore and so a lot of the design aspects to this were up for grabs. I really had no idea being unfamiliar with the Glock but could anyone shed light on this for me? I would appreciate it.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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