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Paddle Holster vs Belt Holster

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I am ready to buy a holster for my XD Service Model. I have a protuding stomach and love handles. Would a paddle holster or a belt holster work best for my build? Also if a belt holster would be better, has anyone used a Tucker holster. I see that they have an HF1 model for an XD. Any information will be helpful.
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I recommend the Galco FED paddle. Very comfortable for the big man and it holds the weapon securely.
I just received my new belt holster from pistol-gear.com, I ordered the Don Hume H721 Open Top for my XD-40 service, It cost me like $42 shipped, it fits GREAT!! I'm 5'7" and 220 lbs. thought I might have problems with the "love handles" but not the case.... very pleased.
Thanks for the information. I will check out the websites.
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