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Pachmayr Grip Coming Off - Your opinion on AGrip please

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I've used with Hogue Handall for a year (Ruger P95) before purchasing an XD40. On the Ruger, a Hogue grip like this is critical because the stock feels like a lump of plastic in my hand without it. Since it helped on the Ruger, I decided to try the Pachmayr grip on my XD40 for a while now.

A few days ago I removed the Pachmayr grip from the XD40, to re-discover how well the bare grip is designed. We (multiple shooters in our family) miss the finger grooves on the front strap. But we also prefer the slightly smaller size of the XD stock without any wrap.

So now I'm thinking about trying AGrip on the XD40 in order to enhance our grip without adding a lot of bulk to the already nicely shaped XD40 grip. Do you think that the AGrip will work for us? I'm especially interested in hearing from those of you who have tried it.
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I've had an AGrip on my carry gun for 8-10 months. Never had a problem. David may be right in that dry hands and the AGrip have a completely different feel than wet hands and an AGrip. I guess it could be considered a little slick. But... on my carry gun the AGrip with wet or dry hands beats not having it at all by far because of the gun's slick polymer grip to start with. Damp hands on the AGrip means more control.

I think I'll go put my extra AGrip on my XD and see how it feels there.

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