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Hey Everybody,

I have done a ton of research and carried for a while with a few different Uncle Mike's style as well as paddle, but as summer is here I wanted to find a holster that concealed as well as could be expected in an OWB holster.

I have seen responses on the boards and probably coulda ordered online (and also saved a few bucks), however I wanted to touch/feel and try it out. As you all know, there are limited in-store options for nice, comfortable leather holsters and I wanted to share what I came up with.

While fighting (and winning might I say) with Norris Auto Mall in Lodi, Ohio regarding extended warranty deductibles, I figured while I was down that far I would stop in at Fin, Feather and Fur (in Ashland) to check out some options and below is what I have come up with for the most comfortable carry for the summer of both an XD-9 Sub and an XD-40 Sub.

I tried a holster made by Old World (Oregon City, OR) with the stock number 33523 and it fits both guns (not at the same time of course). Black Leather looks great and sits extremely close to the side. Both guns are well concealed under a loose fitting shirt.

While I was in that area, I stopped in at Wilson's leather and found two belts (14 bones each) one black and one brown, both are two inch belts and fit this holster perfectly.

This setup works well if you are looking to get a decent belt that doesn't scream holster on the side (basket weave, etc.) and the weight seems to be evenly distributed.

I figured I would add my two cents, I have thought long and hard about which holster, I avoided the iwb for comfort and also because I am not looking to buy larger pants than I need just to be able to carry, but at the same time I wanted something that was as slim and un-noticable as possible.

For those of you looking for the same solution, I would not hesitate to do it again.

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