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Over Oiling?

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I know this is now my 3rd newb question. Can I over oil the gun? I just stripped it and cleaned it and may have gone overboard with my new can of remoil. When I cock the pistol back and let it fly a few times I get some residue comming out the back where the firring pin indicator is and directly below. Is this normal and/or safe? Should I break it down and clean it out before I shoot or just give it some time do dry up inside?

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It's not dangerous. A little blast of canned air in the hole should help clean it out. Besides being messy over oiling helps pick up and carry more crud which really gums up the moving parts.

What range do you frequent in Nashville? I belong to Owl Hollow down in Franklin and sometimes go to Murfreesboro to On Target for a nice indoor break.
i'll put a light layer of light machine oil on the parts that move (slide rails, barrel, outside of the chamber....basically anywhere that the bluing is worn) and that's about it. i wouldn't recommend oiling the guts of the slide, as it is possible (in theory), however unlikely, that you can gunk up the FP to the point that it sticks and you get a slam-fire or a run-away.

oil is good, but there is definitely a too much threshold.
yup, too much oil and she'll spit in your face when your fire the weapon. go really easy on the oil.
To much oil in the barrel can cause a KABOOM! Nothing more than an extremely light coat of oil in the barrel.
I haven't lubricated any gun of mine in any way shape or form for over a year. This includes my AR, my XD, my Glock, and a bunch of other guns. I use a combination cleaner/oil to clean the bore, and then use the used cotton squares to wipe down various parts of the gun. Aside from a smidgen of cooling grease on the slide rails, I run my guns dry except for whatever stuck around when I cleaned them. No problems so far and they're not collecting dirt like they did.
Thanks for the replys guys I really appreciated it. Your always there when I need you *tear*. The caned air thing worked like a charm. Anyway I've heard about the barrel oil boom thing before so I always make sure thats clean and dry.

Tom I have been going to Guns and Leather in Greenbrier. I really like thier setup there. I have shot at Gun City but didn't really care for it or driving through the hood to get there. I don't have my CCW yet :)

Save the over-oiling for those hot jungle-lovin' nights with a special lady.
I guess it depends on how you use it. The popular opinion for a carry gun is lightly oiled or nearly dry. I shot bullseye for several years, and some of us, when we finished a match would have oil on our shooting glasses and right arm (unless you were a lefty). The opinion there was jams cost points. I oil all mine lightly at friction points and oil the bore after cleaning but swab it nearly dry afterward.

On Target is a nice little in door range. I go there quit a bit. What is Owl Hollow like, and where is it? I've been looking for a good outdoor range close by. I've gone to the one out to the TWRA range on Hobson Pike a few times.
Son of Norway said:
Save the over-oiling for those hot jungle-lovin' nights with a special lady.

Right on.
I'll stick by my statement that most semi-auto pistols only need a swabbing of M-1 Rifle Grease or Tetra Lube on the rails to make them fly right.

Oils have no place on automatics...that stuff flys off everywhere!

I oil all surfaces/friction points LIGHTLY.

After I oil, I go back over with a dry patch to soak up any excess
For what it's worth, I just got my xd9 back from SA (had an occasional fte), and believe me, they did not oil "sparingly". I think I could oil at least 2 guns for what is on this gun. I think I'll stick with what's worked for me for many years and many guns. If I'm carrying, just lightly, for a big day at the range or an occasional IDPA, a little heavier.
I tried to go light on the oil once. Turned my 100% XD9 pistol into a jam-o-matic; 1 FTE, 1 stovepipe, 1 failure to lockback on last round. All during a single IDPA. Two days before it ran flawlessly during IPSC. The only diff was that I decided to use less lube. IMO the rails need lots of lube.
RemOil is like CLP (what I use) I leave mine perty wet after cleaning. After I put it back together I wipe the out side with a rag. rack the slide several times and wipe again. works well for me.

if it dripping when your done it's brobably a little much, other wise it shouldn't hurt.
I use just one Q-tip and put Tetra gun lube on the areas where it will do the most good. The areas where the frame and slide meet, areas that you can see that metal parts are rubbing and little dabs on areas where things move. Work the slide a few times and give the outside a good silicone cloth wipe down. I've seen some syringes for putting oil in tight spaces, but I think they lay down too much.
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