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Ordered my first XD...and a gripe against Gander Mountain.

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First off let me say, I have a wonderful wife. :D

Alright, my wife was going to suprise me for my Birthday and get me the XD that I wanted. I had left tips and told a buddy of mine exactly what I wanted. My buddy told my wife he was going to help her. Well, two weeks went by and my wife gave up on my friend. So, she came to me today with an ad she had from Gander Mountain. This ad was for 4" XD .40 (the exact one I wanted,) it came with 3 10 round mags, and a holster for $419.99. The holster and one mag was offered as free accesories until the 28th of feb. The price of the gun was good until the 5th of March. So off to Gander Mountain we went...

We get to Gander Mountain in Chambersburg, PA, and I asked the guy if he was still running the deal in the add, he said yes and thought he had one in the back. Well, he searched and came up with nothing, so I asked him if I could order one at that price, with out the free accessories. He said no, he would have to sell it to me at full price if he had to order it. (I was like, WHAT!!! But I contained myself) I declined and started to walk away, fearing to lose a sell he said he'd search again. Once again he came up with nothing, and still wouldn't budge on ordering it for me at the sale price. So, the wife and I left in a pissy mood.

Well, on the way home I decided to goto a gun shop where my buddy was going to go to help my wife called Blue Mountain Sporting Goods in Chambersburg, PA (great place I highly recommend it.) I talked to one of the salesmen in there, explained to him the story I told above, and asked him if he could price match. He did more than price match, I now have an XD .40 4 in" with 3 12 rnd hi-cap mags and holster on the way, which he priced matched minus my Law Enforcement discount (COII for the Maryland DOC.) All totaled the pistol cost me $395 before taxes.

Needless to say the wife and I are not too happy with Gander Mountain, and I'll probably not shop there anymore. Thank You Blue Mountain.
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Wow...thats one hell of a deal. Good for you ...Your going to love it. The holster is pretty uncomfortable, and pretty much junk..so you may want to get somthing of quality for your new xd. Welcome to the forum.
i got my xd9 with no promo's or nuthin for 450 at GAYnder mountain. they didnt even give me my law enforcement discount.
I too have had some bad service at Gander MTN. I baught a gun there one time and they wrote the wrong ser.# on the pistol Purchace permit.Pain in the butt. most of my money now goes to the local guys,
I got my XD 40 at Gander Mt. with the plastic XD holster, 2 10rd mags, 1 12rd mag, a cleaning brush, a cable lock and a lockable case that holds everything for $419. I was in Cabelas yesterday and they were offering the same deal for $489. So I think I got a pretty good deal.

However, I would have to say the customer service at Gander Mt. was not very good. They had two people working the counter and about 5 customers to deal with. I'm trying my hardest to make a $450 purchase, taxes, background check, etc.., and the guy working with me could not stay focused on me. He was jumping back and forth from customer to customer and it took me forever to get out of there. I felt like me trying to make a purchase was a hassle to them. I prefer the personnal relationships you can build with the small shop owners as long as the price is competative.
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Congrats, on the new XD. Sorry to hear about Gander....that is the problem with major chain stores, they sometimes forget where they came from...In 5 years or so, they will file for Chapter 11 and there will be some knucklehead exec, sitting behind a large glass table, with this not so fresh look on his face! :shock:

Tom :wink:
I have purchased 2 handguns at Gander this past month; their customer service was excellent; the manager and his clerk took care of me without problems; selection was great and prices were very good; they even pricemateched Academy and took an addition $40 off; They only have one store now in Houston but are opening 2 more in april.
As with any store, I'm sure there are a multitude of good and bad experiences that can be related. However, I must come down on the side of the thread starter here and say I've been less than thrilled with Gander. There's one near where I live, and their firearms manager is basically a rip-off artist with an attitude. They have a "price match minus $50 guarantee" but he'll never stick to it. Don't ever try to trade in or sell them a used gun either. I tried to sell a Ruger P90 there once. He wanted to give me $200 for it. I looked on his used guns shelf and he had one for $360. EXACT same gun I was trying to sell him, right down to the aftermarket Hogue grips. I pointed that out and he quickly told me he was about to mark it down, they don't sell well, etc. I returned several times over the next two months and the price of that gun never budged. I walked out of there and sold my gun to a private party for $325. I only go there for accessories I can't get elsewhere. I'll never buy a gun from them.
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The biggest thing I despise about chain stores is the people behind the counter act like they "know it all" in fact they don't know ****.

Went there yesterday in Reynoldsburg. They had 7.62x39 Wolf in their ad, $1.99/ea. I searched the store, couldn't find it...so I find a guy he's like "That's military ammo we don't sell it because it can go thru a bulletproof vest" (mind ya I had the ADVERTISEMENT in my hand pointing to it). I gave the idiot a lecture about how just about ANYTHING larger than a 223 could punch a vest.

Then later on, I go pricing XD SC, decide I want to look at one, they *REFUSED* to take the rediculous trigger lock off from it, said he wasn't allowed. Alright, I've bought three firerams from there in the past - NEVER had an issue before.

Not letting someone feel the trigger on something they want to lay $400+ out for...that's like going and buying a car but never test driving it! Just a big old WTF is going on in my mind?

The first time I went there it was great, has just went downhill since :(
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I shop Sportsmans Warehouse!
GANDER MOUNTAIN should go the way of Mount St. Helens SOON!
Good deal on that, you have to love signifigant others that help feed the adictions.
Thanks for the comments guys, I really have my wife to thank.

I was just at the SA homepage, has the MSRP of this pistol always been $514? I don't remember it being that high.
I too had bad experience at GM. I bought a CZ there and I had to go back three times b/c of their inventory control system was down. Painin the ass.

While I was there, I brought a prestine USP 40 for tradein price check and they give me a shocking deal....$301.00. I ended up sold it to a buddy for 550.00. I also asked if they would price match a P229 DAK on the internet. They said they only deal 50 miles radius. Okay, I just ordered P229 DAK for 725.00 shipped from Ordinace Outseller and take a local transfer elsewhere. The other dealer will make my $20.00 fee.
I paid $550 for my XD9 4" Bi-toned service model W/ 2 15rd mags. Did I pay too much?
Did or would anyone buy a brand new XD9 for $550 $600 after tax?
Only been there once. Got my used XD40 for the $300 and some ammo. XD seemed in good condition, just missing the wire brush. Couldn't pass that up....but prob wont shop there (maybe browse).
Spitfire said:
I paid $550 for my XD9 4" Bi-toned service model W/ 2 15rd mags. Did I pay too much?
Spitfire said:
Did or would anyone buy a brand new XD9 for $550 $600 after tax?
Sounds like you paid a little too much, but I bought my XDs last summer so that is all I have to go by. Each of my XDs came to about $500. Since I have a CCW license the background check fee of $25 was waived. YES! $25 for a background check. Buy a few rifles and pistols a year without a CCW and you end my paying alot of money. In Nevada, it pays to have a CCW. No background check and you don't have to wait to pick up your pistol, rifle or shotgun. :mrgreen:

ampleworks said:
They had 7.62x39 Wolf in their ad, $1.99/ea
Did you get the ammo for that price? Its about what I pay at gunshows.
Total with the background check fee, taxes and the XD promo pack (gun, 3 hi cap mags, holster) I paid $549.
Spitfire said:
I paid $550 for my XD9 4" Bi-toned service model W/ 2 15rd mags. Did I pay too much?
Spitfire said:
Did or would anyone buy a brand new XD9 for $550 $600 after tax?
When I picked up my XD9 4" I paid 423, I think it came to around 460 with tax. And I was lucky enough to get the package deal with the hi caps and junk holster.

So yeah, I would have to agree that you over paid...then again it all has to do with where you live :?
That is REALLY pricey...

I got my OD 40 service for $459 after BS... almost 2 years ago...
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