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i have a friend who collects knives and is very picky about his knives so if there is one thing wrong with it he gets rid of it. so i heard he was selling his week old ontario RAT-1 and figured it couldn't hurt to take a look. i liked what i saw and got it for $20 basically brand new.

figured i would give you guys a quick review as i found it to be an amazing knife. so to start off i have got to say this is an amazing value at $24.

Blade Steel AUS-8
Blade Length 6 Closed
Blade Thickness .120
Overall 8.620
Handle Material Ergonomic Nylon 6 handles
Blade Color Satin Finish
Country of Origin Taiwan

so starting with the blade it is made from AUS-8 steel. this is an excellent stainless steel with all around good specs, has very good edge retention and is easy to sharpen. as a comparison my SOG Trident uses the same steel and cost me $50. mine has a satin finish but it is also available in black. the thumb stud on mine is a little sharp its not bad but can be a little rough on the thumb. the position of the thumb stud is such that even people with huge mitts like mine can still easily snap it open. the gimping on the spine of the blade is some ofthe best i have seen. deep and sharp but not too sharp which allows very good traction for the thumb when hard cutting is called for.

next is the handle. its made from nylon 6 which has a high tensile strength and has good resistance against abrasion and chemicals. it along with other polymers is actually used in glock frames. it has fully reversible pocket clips with mounting holes on both ends of the handle and another 2 mounts on the flip side. now my only complaint comes in the form ofthe checkering on the handle. it is too shallow for my taste and it makes for a fairly slick gripping surface but it isnt terrible and isn't a deal breaker for me.

some pictures: Facebook

hopes this helps someone. i will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability.
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