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0-400m. 6.5 grendel ar15 with a 10.5 barrel will be a sbr tag soon, at the moment a pistol then in a bit it will have a suppressor on the end making it look like a normal m4gery rifle.

I'm thinking for a rooms style distance I'd want 1.5 power, for walking around a 3X and for going prone I'd want a 6X. I just can't see any justification for over 6 with a 10" barrel especially seeing as i'm going to be shooting with my AFG not a bipod and not from a rest.

I really liked teh specterdr scopes but they were out of my price range, and 1.5X and 6X I just wanted something inbetween there, and don't really get the reason for a 1X I feel fine with 1.5 (if you think thats retarded I wouldn't mind some enlightenment on that issue I see a lot on here where people demand true 1Xs)

My budget should be 800 for this but might stretch it to 1000 if you can justify it for me. I'm tired of using an acog just am want something different/don't quite like the picture.

i'm thinking from what I've read the green horseshoe would be ideal for me again correct me if I'm wrong. I'm military and currently deployed so if anyone knows of a way to get something a different way because of that state of being feel free to throw it out. (some places that gets me a discount which might help my money go further)

I conceptually really liked this scope but can't justify the price. IOR 1.5-8x26 Tactical 35mm Rifle Scope i just always liked the ior scopes even though the tac ones they make have small focal lenses (front lense i think I called it by the right name)

If I can't find something and need to save up I'd probably get a red dot or a fixed 4X

While i'm here if someone can explain to me why some scopes have a tube type layout IE IOR 4x24 Tactical 30mm Rifle Scope or a smushed layout and why IOR 3x25 Tactical 30mm Rifle Scope I just don't get it the shorter ones cost more but seem heavier and to not give you anything more and they have a bigger profile

and is there a legitimate reason for a short distance scope to want a bigger front lense? I don't see the need to go past 40 at all, even that starts to limit my 2 eyes open shooting.

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Sounds like you understand what you want.

Have you used a 1.5 up close much?

Some folks really like them and some don't, for up close work.

I use to use a 2x Aimpoint, so I thought I'd be fine with a 1.5-6 optic, but I didn't like the 1.5 at all for up close. It was tremendously different than using that 2x Aimpoint. I really like the 1.5x right up until I started shooting and moving. As long as I was stationary I liked the 1.5, but any movement at all and it really slowed me down. I made a decent attempt. I ran mine for 2000 rounds before I swapped it out.

I really very much prefer a true 1x scope for up close work so I ended up going with a 1-4 and I now have a good number of them.

You may like the 1.5x and be very fast up close with it. I've seen a few guys who like them and use them well up close. If you have run one and know that you like the 1.5x up close then I'd say you are on the right track.

For me it just comes down to covering the most likely intended purpose. If that's up close then I prefer the 1x but if it's out a couple hundred yards then I like more magnification. I'm still pretty fast up close with the 1.5x by many standards, but I'm a lot faster with the 1x than the 1.5x.

If you haven't run one you might want to check one out if you can. A person usually knows pretty quick once they start moving and shooting, be it a carbine course or run and gun.

I have a friend who runs a 2-8 on a short 308 and he uses a JP reflex for the up close stuff, so something like that is always an option too. He is very fast close and out far with that set up.

Hope some of that helps
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