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First I have no affliation with this other than passing along the offer. If you are a Ohio resident and looking for a DPMS ARs or other brands that are in wholesalers stock, a kitchen table dealer near Columbus has offered to sell them at cost as well as high cap pistols or semi auto rifles.
The thread was locked on the OFCC forums the offer was posted on due to sour grapes from another pinheads post.

He is doing these face to face and of course 4473 and NICS check applies as well as all federal and local laws. He is doing this because of the real threat possible coming after the election. PM me and I will put you in touch.

Here is his basic offer for the DPMS's

DPMS Sportical in .223 $640
DPMS Panther lite carbine in .223 $700
DPMS Panther Lite Rifle in .223 $690
DPMS RFA2 in .223 $875
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