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Numbers not matching XD

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Ok so I'm doing inventory and pictures on the recent guns that have been bought for insurance and legal reasons.

I notice the numbers on myXD don't match. It was purchased new locally.

The barrel and lower match, the upper doesn't.

There is a 6 in the position thath should have a 9. All the other numbers match.

Should I cry foul to Springfield and demand a replacement? Should I lock it in the safe and squirrel it away because it's a factory flook(SP?) and worth more money?

Should I ignore it because it's a carry piece that already shows signs of use?

What do you guys think?
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huh...wow....dont know about the legal implications, but you are sure it was bought brand new...it may be somewhat collectible if it can be documented as a factory fluke. cool for you dude.
I would contact SA and have them clear it up for you... because, although unlikely, if you or your gun or the gun with the other serial number were to fall under the inquiry of some law enforcement agency whether it be related to use in a crime or a report of theft, it'd be nice not to have to explain it under scrutiny.

So by "upper" do you mean the slide? hey who knows... maybe you'll luck out and springfield will give you either an entirely new gun or a nice new slide. Just hope you don't hav any custom work done.
i would call SA

your numbers dont have to match the barrel and the slide dont even have to have any numbers on it

the lower half (frame) is the one you have to worry about

the slide and barrel are not considered a firearm

I would call Springfield armory to see what they say if I bought a new gun
And the numbers did not match I would be pissed

I would check the copy of your 4473 from to see what serial number is on it

If the gun shop used the number on the slide and the one on the frame is different

Someone can get in trouble
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While it is true that the number on the frame is the one that matters, they really should match up. As Eric said, if there is a gun out there which has the serial number of your frame on its slide and it is recovered by some LEO and they start looking up numbers, you may be in for some hassle. I doubt you would get sent to jail or anything, but it's just the kind of thing you want to avoid if at all possible.

You are referring to the numbers on the outside of the slide/frame right? I noticed that mine has some completely different numbers on the interior. Maybe they are part numbers or manufacturing trace numbers or something, but they are completely different than the serial number.

Thanks for the input guys.

It is the number on the outside of the slide that is off.

The weirdest part is it's only one number off. Not like XXXXX7 and XXXXX8.

It's XX6XXX on the slide and XX9XXX on the barrel and frame.

I am going to contact Springfield today.
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