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Hey guys!
I ride my bike a lot and decided to get a CCW vest. I picked up the NRA Virginian CCW vest and it is very very nice. I can carry up to six magazines and it comes with a unique holster feature. The inside of the concealed carry pocket is lined with Velcro. They provide you with a universal Velcro holster that adheres to the inside to the concealed carry pocket.

The only two things I would change about the vest are the length. I think the length of the back of the vest is too short and the single snap button for the concealed carry pocket.

As a bonus I found an online coupon code for the NRA store and got 30% off! You do have to create a user name and password for the store to get the coupon code discount.
Here is a link to the CCW Vest
http://www.nrastore.com/nrastore/Product/Jackets-Vests/CO 703
Here is a link to the coupon code.
NRA Coupon Codes - all coupons, discounts and promo codes for nrastore.com
I used the MC39 code for my discount.

Good Luck

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