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Well, its odd that I have been around so long but never really posted a range report. I got another XD last week and cleaned it, et al, then setup a class for NRA Basic Pistol because I promised my wife that I would certify even though ive been around guns all my life and trained, etc.

Took it to class, to FAST, www.f-a-s-t.us , first, the class was awesome. Both instructors werent just NRA instructor certified but were NRA Training Counselors and Chief Range Officers certified in everything but muzzeloaders. They had expansive experience with all kinds of handguns, one of the two actually owned an XD and had it in class, recommending it over Glocks! Although the range of handguns in the class was rather more expansive than expected (two revolvers, a DE with the .357 setup, several SIGs, my XD, a couple glocks, and a couple 1911s) these guys were able to do specific 1 on 1 disassembly, cleaning, and shooting assistance with every single firearm in the class.

Anyway, did the range portion with the new, unmodified, out-of-box XD9102 and it was great. Decent groups. There were some fliers but that was me. Usually I shoot ok, but its really hard to shoot when you have an instructor right behind you and an entire class watching you. I ended up screwing up wrist alignment several times and usuing too much trigger finger a couple times.. mutter. WAY different when you have everyone watching, not even in LEO quals is the instructor RIGHT over your shoulder the whole time. Anyway, decent groups, zero malfunctions, another great XD from springfield.

Even with my past experience with handguns, I still learned quite a bit in this class (mostly cleaning techniques the instructors had found from experience and revolver function, two things ive never really been formally taught). I would recommend these guys to anyone in colorado (or even beyond if you dont mind the ride in).
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