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Now I understand the attraction to the XD

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I went out this weekend and bought the SA-XD in .45 Gap. While I am not ready to sell off my Glock 35 I can say that I understand why so many people speak so well of the SA-XD guns. I've never had a gun fit so well in my hand and aside from the lack of adjustable sights its got all the bells and whistles I could want. I do need to do something about the sights though. Stilll, you gotta love the look and feel of the XD. I might buy a 9mm version some time in the future...though I've currently got my eye on a couple of revolvers I want to buy first. Thanks for all the information I got here before I made my buy.
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Welcome to the forum. Lots of good, friendly, and helpful people around here.
Welcome and enjoy!
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