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I have been CCWing and shooting some non-XD guns (I know, shame on me), but I polished the sear(s) on my XD9 Tactical and that smoothed up the trigger pull a bit, but not to the degree I had hoped for, although surprising to me, it did reduce the trigger pull by about a pound.

I couldn't wait to take it to the range today and give it a try. I started out at 3 yards with 10 shots in one ragged hole. After firing about 30 shots at 50 feet (max. distance at indoor range) all the shots but 6 were in the 10 ring of the B-27 target and the six outside the ten ring were very close misses just a bot high outside the ten ring.

The experience reminded me why I bought four XD's over the years. They are very accurate and reliable! Good combination!

I can still feel trigger drag (roughness) but it's better than it was.
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