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Norco X Mas Food Fest Dec 18th SSA Style


The SSA will again be having it's very special X-Mas food- fest on Dec 18th. The match will be from 9am to 3Pm and require about 125 rds to complete.

All shooters or spectators are asked to bring there ethnic food speciality to share pot-luck style. We've always have a tons of great food and the socializing with shooters is second to none. If you have never been to a SSA match this match is a must do one.

As a extra bonus at this match I will be dragging out the now famous "Twisted pnuematics" once again to taunt and delight. Test your skills in a world class stage.

The big match on Nov 19th & 20th was a big success and thanks to all who shot it and special thanks to all the sponsors for all the great prizes.

Everyone of all skill levels are welcome to our events. That's all for now, hope to meet up with you at the match.


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Welcome back Mr. T.

For those who will take the time to do a seach,
many XDer's had a hellava time at Mr. T's place
awhile back. SA showed up at that time and there
were all kind of giveaways then.

Mr. T. and I believe Mrs. T., run a fine operation.
Contact him and get all the details.

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