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Some of the more common questions we see on these and other pistol boards from day to day is that of nightsites. As a public service and a forum for me to voice my opinion I would like to share what I have experienced between the two basic combat based, fixed 3-dot brands.

To begin with, both brands are excellent pieces of equipment. Regardless of which brand you buy you are going to be happy. Both have a great reputation and, from what I have read, excellent customer service. Since the light source has a limited longevity it is best to stick with new manufacture. They are guaranteed for 12 years (at least the trijicons are, I don't see why mepro's wouldnt have the same).

The major difference between the two is the way the dot looks and ring around them. I have read that the Trijicons have a painted right where the Mepro's have an insert. Sometimes people will find that the painted ring will clean off causing them to be a little bit harder to see in the daylight. I have not experienced this problem, but my eyesight is pretty decent.

The next difference is in the size of the dot. From what I can see the Mepros have a slightly larger lense than the Trijicons. Because of this they are a little bit "easier" to see. The Trijicons are not "small" by comparison, but at night they are just the slightest bit smaller.

The last difference I could see was the brightness of the dots. The Trijicons win in this category but again only by a very small margin. Looking right at the center of the green dot the Trijicons are definitely brighter by comparison.

In all, you can't go wrong with either set of sites. Where they are different they are really close to the same. While the Trijis are brighter but smaller the Mepros are dimmer but larger. Personally, I think I prefer the mepros. Their bigger dots are easier to see than the smaller Trijis. Because of this they seem brighter than they are. They are just "easier" to see.

Pictures to be added tonight if I can find my camera.

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I went to the Mepro web site and did not see any sights for the XD. Do they make them or is there a compatable sight to use?
They make 'em. I just had a set installed on my XD40 Service.

I agree with the OP above. I have the factory Trijicons on my SC and the Meprolights on my Service pistol. Since mine were manufactured at two different times I am not able to positively say the trijicons are brighter. OP, did you use each set that were manufactured at roughly the same time?

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A litttle input from a post I made on another thread.....:mrgreen:

I have Trijicons and Meps on some of my pistols.

I've bought a set of Heinie straight 8s but have yet to have them installed in my XD9sc.
I can't decide if I'm going to like them or not..

Heine vs Meprolight

Trijicon on an XD45C

Meprolights vs stock on an XD9sc

Sorry, I haven't figured out how to keep the flash from washing out my pics.
I like TFOs, I just don't like how big they are, but that's just me.:roll:
Can't go wrong with Trijicons.
2nd choice would be Meprolight.

I had Trijicons on a Sig P229 that glowed for 8 years.
I had PT sights that lasted 7.
The rear were red and they dimmed down after 6.

Heinie Specialty Products
TRUGLO - The World's Most Advanced Line of Fiber Optic Sights
Pt nightsights allow you to chose from 5 different colors on your rear sight.
Although it is my understanding that green last the longest.
Springfield XD: PT Night Sights MMC Adjustable Sights
XS Sight Systems - Handgun Sights - 24/7 Express

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I have new Trijicons and new Mepro's... To be honest, I have the opposite experience with which are brighter. The Mepros seem to be a brighter sight and have a larger ring. I also really like the fact that you can order contrast sights. My 228 is sporting a green tritium front dot with orange tritium rears.

I will be putting the same Mepros on my XD40SC as well.

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I am a huge fan of my Mepros for the reasons discussed: a bit larger and a contrast insert vs. paint. That said, I mainly got them because I got a great deal from a buddy. When it comes down to it, I am sure most anyone would be happy with either set.

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Can anyone offer an opinion as to which night sights are most visible using a tactical rail light?

I have pretty good vision and was not considering adding night sights to my XD45. However, testing the stock sights out in the dark with my streamlight turned on, I noticed that the white factory dots are completely washed away. Now I'm thinking about night sights for this specific purpose.
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