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Ok. I'm a nurse. Female. Getting on in years, but not over-the-hill. *cough-cough* Actually in good physical shape!

At a supervisor's meeting two days ago, and before the meeting officially began, one nurse stated, "My husband says, "It's coming. The end of the world. If that's true, I want to be the first to go. I don't want to see my kids and grandkids starve to death." And she went on for a few moments about not wanting to deal with the aftermath of a life-changing disaster. The conversation went around the table, each nurse echoing the first nurse. :confused:

There are six nurses present, myself included.

The others all chimed-in, and stated the same kinds of things, that they hope they are the first to go.

Me... I said something like, "God put us all here, at this place and time and history for a reason. Why would you want to do that, to be the first to go? We're all hard-wired to survive! Why do you want to give up so easily?"

They ALL rolled their eyes."

I said nothing else. Crickets chirp.

Today, none of these nurses would speak to me outside of "business". We always chat about "things", including the current state of affairs.

I need a new job. There's not ONE person I work with (out of about 140) that see the chaos of this world besides me.


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Anyone else need a new job?

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I'm glad nothing disastrous happened yesterday (as far as I can tell), and glad to just keep cycling through the preps to keep them fresh.

There've been more than a few days lately I think I'd prefer the solar flare take out the power grid so I can get back to the simpler life of working hard to keep the little farm going, like it was when I was kid. I thought that was pretty satisfying even back then, because there was natural rhythm to it.

The people around me who "keep up with the kardashians" (I've never seen an episode, I just know about them because they've managed to pollute the air I breathe with their self-promotion), or who expect that personal comfort in life is their right as an American - those are the ones who would rather just die than help their families and their neighbors make it through a tough spot.

Hang in there AZ, there's more of us out here than you think - we enjoy the simplicity of the life God gives us, and find hope in the future even when we're prepared for chaos.

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There are people who are hard wired to survive and there are people who are short circuited to give up.
I'm one of those that choses to survive, and most everyone around me the same.
Sounds like you need to chose better friends...I'm sure if the EOTW happened they would all show up at your doorstep first.

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A wise person once told me to surround myself with positive, happy people, and ignore those who want to drag you down into the abyss of self-loathing.

Works for me.
I will add a couple from Norman Vincent Peale.

Change your mind and you change your world.

We tend to find what we are looking for.

You don't have to change your workplace to change your mind.

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I've never met one that I know of, but the current WH resident seems to be peerless.

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I hope they do all off themselves at the first sign of of rough going (and I don't doubt many will. Nobody want to have to really do anything these days) It will make more room for those of us a little harder than cotton candy.

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Nihilists! F--k me. I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.

Don't worry about them Zebra, live and let die.
I LOL'd jBubbs...thanks for the morning chuckle...never enough Big Lebowski references
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