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Hey Ya'll. This is a copy of the info that got emailed to me from OFF. I've got more info and maps if you want to pm or email me. It's a fundraiser event for the Fire Dept's Toy Drive, so the more the merrier!

**Happy Holidays!**


Please join the Oregon Firearms Federation for a very special New Year's Eve celebration of full auto fun at TNW Firearms in Vernonia, Oregon.
Our good friends at TNW are, once again, sponsoring a spectacular New Year's machine gun shoot, and you are invited.
If you've been to this shoot in the past you know it is a one of kind event, if you've never been, rest assured it promises to be a New Year's Eve you won't ever forget.
There'll be full auto's of every type, from belt guns to Tommy Guns and you're welcome to bring the gun of your choice. (Even black powder!)
There'll be refreshments available, a day shoot and a night shoot (tracers welcome) and raffles with some of the most one-of-kind prizes you've ever seen.
Come out and join OFF for this very special celebration of gun rights and liberty with our friends at TNW.
The entry fee of $10.00 for shooters and $5.00 for spectators goes to the very worthy cause of the Vernonia Fire Department's Toy Drive.
If you're an OFF member, this will be a great time to come and visit with us and other OFF members. If you're not, what a great time to join.
Gates open at noon and the shooting starts at 3pm. The night shoot starts at 5:30 pm.
We promise you'll never forget this New Year's party. It's a no alcohol, kid-friendly party you'll never forget.
TNW is located at 55325 Timber Road in Vernonia. If you have questions you can call TNW's owner, Tim Bero at 503-429-5001 or OFF at 503-263-5830.
TNW is located 3.8 miles north of Route 26. Just take 26 to Timber Road. You can also get a map and driving directions at <http://www.mapquest.com/>

Look for the OFF Ambulance (First AId for the Second Amendment) and stop by and say hello.
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