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I have been looking at the XDs in 9mm and .45 for a while. Ever since the .45 came out actually. I decided I wanted to grab a 3.3 in 9mm. I went in to a local gun store and saw a bitone XDs in 9mm but didnt buy at at the time. I went back on 10/31 which was the last day for the three free mag promotion and picked it up. At the register the bitone 3.3 in 9mm actually rang up for $100 less than the tag price. Win, win.

I had a set of Trijicon orange HD night sights put on, added a rubber Talon grip, picked up a Talon IWB & DM Bullard IWB holster, a DM Bullard belt slide, and a Comp-Tac Infidel is on the way.

Very impressed with the gun overall. I like Springfield's packaging and always have liked how they include a nice case and extras. Wish other manufacturers would do that. Even though I dont care for the included holster and mag pouch it does make for a nice addition. Even the gun lock with XDs logo is a nice touch. I like all the extra presentation. But the XDs is the real winner.

The XDs has an excellent level of fit and finish inside and out in my opinion. No ugly machining marks or blems. Just makes for a great concealed carry option. Glad I grabbed it when I did. I have been lurking for a while here reading about it.
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