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New XD9 Tactical to the range!

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WOW! This gun is incredible. Once a guy at the range showed me how the trigger needed to be treated (I was too much into the trigger with my finger) it was dead on and a pleasure to shoot. Used S&B 115 FMJ and had one FTE after about 130 rounds but other than that, ran like a Swiss watch. I'll get excited if there are any other FTEs after about 500 rounds. The guy who showed me the trigger trick was shooting a long barrel Glock. I shot his Glock and it made me really appreciate the XD trigger. Great gun and very happy with it. Almost as accurate and fun as my 1911 :wink:
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my only trouble with my gun was on my last trip to the range. 800 rounds after that trip. 1 FTF the primer dented and it wouldn't fire even after releding it a couple times so it was obviously the bullet and no the gun. at the same time I had a FTE but it seems like the mag wasn't fully locked so I guess that wasn't really a gun problem either.
Welcome to the XD club. they sure are nice pistols.
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