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Well today I finally got to try out the new toy(XD9 SUB). Went to the local target range loaded with WWB and Federals and proceeded to amaze myself.

The first ten rounds were placed within a 2 1/2 inch circle at 10 yards. This is great for me considering I've been shooting the 40 and have been happy with the 4-5" circles that I was producing.
This Sub is awesome. NO FTE/FTF or any kind of problem except I could'nt load the mags fast enough. I'm sure that the Heinie sights have helped me because it's easier to acquire the target faster when you just need to line up the 2 dots. The Old eyes need new specs and I was surprised that I shot as well as I did. As someone stated before: "at 30 ft., if you can put 9 or 10 into a 2-3" cicle at center mass, you'll get the job done on the BG"

After the first of the year when I get new glasses I'll update this with some pictures. (Can't afford guns and glasses :p ) so I made my choices wisely.

Rikoshey :twisted:
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