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What is a good practice ammo that won't mess up or scar the bore?

I have heard many different stories about the WWB ammo scarring the inside of the bore from the casings. Is this true?

Anyone know anything of the Remington UMC 250ct value box? Are these good for practice? Any issues with casings or FTF's?

Any and all input would be nice. I was given some blazer brass with it but I was told they could also have a negative influence on the long-term performance of the gun. Any insight?

Federal FMJ is very accessible and cheap ($16 for 50 rounds) at local wally world. Any issues with this ammo?

Thanks for your help
Who ever you heard the above stories from is an idiot. Brass can not scratch steel.

Any of the above rounds will do just fine with no magical scaring of the bore or chamber.
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