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I just got my new XD 9mm Service and shot it for the first time at OC Indoor Shooting Range in Orange County, CA.

I bought eight NRA 50ft Slow Fire Pistol targets and loaded up with Aquila FMJ 124gr -1115 fps - 342 ft/lbs and shot at 3 yards and then 7 yards for 55 rounds total. Not one issue with the gun.

1st Round (3 yds, slow fire): First shot WAY low left. Must have slapped it. Next 9 shots all in the black (3 inches wide), with 2 in the red (7/8s inch wide).

2nd Round (3 yds, slow fire): All 10 shots in the red! :D

3rd Round (3 yds, rapid fire): Feeling confident in my short range slow fire skill, I loaded 5 rounds and switched to rapid fire. 4 shots low left again (3 1/2 inches away from center) with the last one in the red. I probably took 4 shots fast and made sure the last one counted.

4th Round (3 yds, rapid fire): I wanted to test with JHPs and loaded up 5 Federal Hyrda-Shok JHP 124gr - 1120 fps - 345 ft/lbs. I like these because that have the same stats as my training rounds. The recoil felt exactly the same which was what I was hoping for. I don't want to train one way and then feel suddenly shocked when I really need it. I shot 4 to the left (furthest one 2 1/2 inches from center) including 2 in the black and one very low left off the scoring area (4 1/2 inches)! Even though I had one flyer I definitely did better with the rapid fire.

5th Round (7 yds, slow fire): Feeling I could tag something pretty good at 3 yrds I sent the next target out to 7 yds for slow fire. I put 4 in the black with 5 more only being a max of an inch and 1/4 away from the black. One flew wide left and a little low. Interesting on this round that most went high and left of center.

5th Round (7 yds, slow fire): I really worked on letting the break surprise me and I put the first 7 shots in the black including 2 in the red! :D Then I proceed to blow the last 3 shots with 2 of them just off the black and one flyer high center at 3 3/4ths inches off center. :-( What I did like was that my group (not including 1 flyer) was pretty evenly distributed around the center and less than 3 inches wide.

6th Round (3 yds, rapid fire): I had 5 FMJs left in the box so I went back to rapid fire and short range to see if my medium range precision shooting has helped. I pop 5 quick ones all in the black with 2 in the red and only a 2 inch group! :D:D

This is my first semi-automatic I have owned.

So, any tips for a new semi-auto shooter? Anyone in the OC that wants to come out and put in some work to become a better shooter with me?

I can't do holster practice here but what I did practice was leaving the mag and gun on the table, then putting my hands at the sides and conscientiously giving myself the "go", then loading and racking and acquiring the target.

Thanks for reading,


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low and left is a very typical problem for new XD shooters.

keep focusing on fundamentals: good grip, good sight picture and alignment and proper trigger finger placement and good trigger press.

dry fire practice helps to build good muscle memory.

obviously, shoot it a lot and enjoy
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