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New XD-9 Service Model Owner Slide Chip?

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Hey guys,
I have been reading the forum for about a month now and finally broke down and bought an XD-9. I took it out last weekend, and it is a great gun. I was only able to get into the indoor range here in Kentucky but would like to take it to the outdoor range in the next few weeks.

I do notice something about the gun slide. I am debating sending it back to Springfield or not. There is a small chip in the rear of the slide just above the striker indicator. It looks like a factory worker dropped the slide then painted it. I didn't notice it when I bought it but I wasn't being as careful as I usually am. I am very meticulous when it comes to these things and was wondering what you guys thought as well as if Springfield could even fix it.

Last, I am interested in getting a holster for it and have been looking around. I hear Fobus are decent. Does anyone have an experience with the standard Fobus holster vs. the Fobus Rotoholster?

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Fobus paddle holster isnt the best, if you want something just to tote it around on the range, for $20 it isn't bad.

Check out Pistol-Gear, he's got a lot of holsters over there, cream-de-la-crop kydex holsters are pretty much Blade-Tech hands down but Fobus isn't bad if you just want something cheap.
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