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Greetings, all! Picked up my first XD on Friday evening, and headed straight to the range with it. Didn't clean it, lube it, or anything. Don't get me wrong, I would have, but there wasn't time before the place closed. :oops: Anyway, I got there and asked for a box of 9mm, and the guy gave me 9mm NATO. I wasn't paying attention and didn't really notice until I loaded up a magazine and fired the first shot, and got quite a bit more blast, noise and kick than I was expecting! :shock:

The XD didn't care. It ate that whole 50-round box, lit a cigarette, and called me a wimp. Got some good accuracy out of it at 25 yards, too. 3" groups or so.

Today I picked up 500 rounds of WWB 9mm Luger at the funshow, and am gleefully anticipating burning through it. Well, more like 450 rounds now, since I used up a box doing a practical shooting competition that the local range runs. XD ran flawlessly there, too, and the only complaint I have is that the long trigger reset stuffed me up once, but that's really more a matter of getting acquainted with the gun.

So, I'm happy! This is an outstanding gun for the money.
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