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I am planning on buying an XD in the next several weeks. The purchase is more for my wife. I have several Glocks, 1911's and several CZ 75s. My wife has been going to the range with me alot more lately and has been shooting my G19, G22, G30 and G36. She likes The G19, G22 and G30. She is getting to be a good shooter.
The problem is they don't fit her hand to well. We happened to be in Gander Mountain and she picked up the XD non firing display model, well she looks at me and tells me that this gun fits her hand perfect. So I know I will purchase her one. Now I have to decide on the 9mm or .40.
I reload for the .40 and the felt recoil is lighter than my 9mm, I shoot IDPA and IPSC. She agrees that my .40 reloads are softer than the 9mm. Should I go with the 9mm or .40? This will be the service model.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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