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New to the xd See Update

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I have picked up a new xd 40 service after my wife said she liked the grip on it best of any handgun she has handled.
I have never considered the xd before. I have 7 glocks along with several other Springfield 1911's.
I have never bad mouthed the xd but never thought of getting one because I was happy with my glocks.
The gun does feel good to the hand, points real good, and seems like it will be easy to maintain. I will put the gun through a little work out this weekend and if it performs to my liking I will be going back to the toy store to pick up the xd 40 sub in two tone.
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Glad to see that you like the XD so far, hope that all goes well at the range for you.
It's all down hill from here you will find you want more and more XD's are great and the sc is as good as the service 8)
ducati said:
I will be going back to the toy store to pick up the xd 40 sub in two tone.
I recently purchased my XD SC 40 and so far I can't say enough good things about it. Fired off another 100 rounds today which brings me to about 350 to 400. Not a single problem yet. I believe the grip angle is more similar to a 1911 than a Glock and to me it points more naturally. Makes for a great mix of the two. Mine is a two-tone as well. I went with the stainless slide in hopes of avoiding some finish wear. Enjoy your XD. :D
im glad that you made the decision to move to the XD. it will be interesting to see your next post and let us know what the pluses and minuses are , that you see and feel as compaied to your other Glocks. i for one will be looking for it.
Oh! and welcome. to the forum.
I am glad I never bad mouthed the xd. Over 300 rounds and only 2 ftf.
I am impressed with this gun. It shot very well from 5yds to 50yds.
This gun fit my hand like it was made to my hand. Points to target great.
The 2 ftf are a result of a new gun and some of my very soft reloads. Both ftf happened on the last round of the mags, and within the first 50 rounds.
Recoil with factory 180 grain was nill. The only fault was the trigger reset. I compete with glocks, so this is only an issue with the shooter not the gun.
I have put a xd sc 40 on lay-away, and will purchase the tactical within a month.
I wish I would have tried the xd sooner... I will be selling 2 of my glocks..
i just shot my xd sub and tactical this weekend....

a guy is coming to buy my glock 17 tomorrow so i could possibly get another xd

After shooting the xd and having such as pleasurable experience, i have no interest really in shooting my glocks anymore.

kinda like...

and ya know, once you have the real thing its hard going back :lol: :lol:
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Get a hold of Rich @ canyon creek he does a sweet trigger and removes over travel and shortens reset 135 plus shipping you can find a link at www.pistol-gear.com :D
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