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Overall, I am impressed with this gun. Balance is close enough to my 1911 in 45 to make this a superb training tool. And it is just plain fun to shoot.

ATI is importing this same gun from GSG (Germany) and it appears to offer a lower cost option. The Sig Sauer is trimmed out a little nicer at a higher cost.

I can tell the trigger is a tad heavier than my RIA Match 1911-45, but felt good nonetheless; no complaints there.

Shot over 300 rounds through it on the first outing with only one issue - a fail-to-feed in the 3rd or 4th round of the first magazine. That is a fairly good break-in experience in my book.

Here is what I fed it and the groups I got (best 10-round group, at 10 yards, from a rest):
60 rounds, 40 gr HV CCI Mini-Mags, freehand (having fun / tweaking the sights)
50 rounds, 40 gr HV CCI Mini-Mags, 1.76"
40 rounds, 36 gr HV Federal Value Pack, 1.69"
40 rounds, 40 gr HV Centurion, 1.76"
50 rounds, 40 gr HV Blazer, 1.1"
50 rounds, 40 gr SV Wolf Match Target, 1.37"
50 rounds, 40 gr HV Blazer, freehand (having more fun)

All in all - a fine experience.

I had the tallest front sight on the pistol and the POI was about 2" below the POA. From the rest, the groups were twice as tall as they were wide - not sure if that was me, but the POI being hidden by the front sight was annoying me.

I fed it the Wolf Match Target because it was standard velocity and I wanted to see if the pistol would cycle correctly with it; I was pleasantly surprised that it did fine. But this gun shoots Blazer so well - no need to spend money on the Wolf ammo.

:confused: My issues with this gun (so far) are the sights. The gun comes with three front sights at different heights - and the rear is adjustable for windage. I'm fairly handy so I assume I'll get it tweaked, but the low quality plastic sights combined with the totally non-standard sight dovetails on the slide are disappointing.

I am hoping for a fiber optic front and adjustable rear sight set for this baby (just like my RIA Match 1911). IMHO that would be a sweet aftermarket product.

Shoot straight,

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I have a GSG ATI and love it. I'm curious to know what exactly does the sig Branded GSG has over the ATI version. They look identical to me, save for the logos on the slide. Even have the same case.
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