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New shot show product XML version 2 and other stuff added

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This is the X2 and the X2 laser more powerful xml and and xml with a laser like the m6. Also as you can see other pistol manufactures are adding rails to subcompact weapons following the lead of Springfield Armroy and the subcompact xd. I wonder how long until glock add a rail to their subcompact models HK already has. Oh the Wildey pistols will be back as well. For those of you who dont know charles bronson used one on one of the death wishes...the one with the gangs. Nice power ful pistols got to love um.

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Stop teasing us...

What's that new XML light cost??? $275 with the laser???
Looks nice if it's not too expensive. Thanks for the heads up.
Now that is a sweet little package. :shock: I bet the price isn't so little.
damn, just bought a standard XML too!
hmm, wonder if pistol-gear takes trade ins. :)
Verm said:
damn, just bought a standard XML too!
hmm, wonder if pistol-gear takes trade ins. :)
Sell it here.
Verm, Come on give me a good price on the XML, I'll take her off yer hands! :D
I will probably do that when this one hits the shelves.
donno which to drool over more--the XML or the HK... :shock:
Ok instead of starting a new thread how about I add some more shot show info all in one place.

Blackhawk is introducing two new hydrostorm systems. One is a disposable watter bag and a anti microbial bag. Here is the infor from BH
"Mike Noell, CEO and President of BlackHawk Products Group announced today the introduction of BlackHawk’s Disposable Reservoir System. “BlackHawk has been working with our Military and Law Enforcement customers for the past 8 years to meet their hydration needs. We have continually heard from our customers that they need to ensure clean, pure water is not being contaminated by the bladder itself and to keep users properly hydrated, they needed a convenient system to provide more than just one, 100 oz bladder full of water. They also were looking for ways to make it easy to take a bladder in and out of their pack without re-threading the tube through their equipment each time. In the case of high performance activities, the ability to add nutritional supplements without the burden of cleaning and sanitizing the bladder in the field,” explained Noell. “In response to this customer feedback, we have completely redesigned our HydraStorm line to be the best in the industry and incorporated its patented Quick-Disconnect Port in to the disposable system as well. The Quick-Disconnect Port serves as not only the connection point to attach the delivery tube, but can also be used as a way to re-fill the disposable bladder so that no fill cap is required,” added Noell. "

“The Design team came up with a very innovative approach to the disposable bladder. It is intended for low-cost one-time use but can actually be re-used in the field by using the Quick-Disconnect delivery tube,”

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isnt that just a simple camelback system?
Blackhawk is the same as cammelbak I am a cammel back person my self but sme love the black hawk stuff. Just sit back and ejoy the new products:)
Just a note: If you want to get an XML for use with the Blade-Tech XD/XML holster, it doesn't look like the X2 is going to work :( I was comparing photos and it looks like the laser extends lower than the original XML, so unless Blade-Tech makes an XD/X2 holster the combo isn't an option.
yea....any prices???? I would LOVE to have the xml2
I was at the show and asked SA about the new XML. They knew nothing and said that they never even heard about it.

What's the deal???
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