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new plinker

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Just picked up a new to me Ruger 22/45 MKIII target with a scope on it today. Cant wait to get it to the range and try it out. Wife said we needed a .22 semi auto and not one to turn down a gun purchase I found one pretty cheap. Its got about 2k rounds though it and looks pretty much brand new.

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got you a winner there, congrats
thanks guys, had i not thrown my back out today at work i would be at the range shooting it lol. gonna take some getting used to since i have never used a scope on a rifle or handgun
man that's a hell of a scope for a pistol. I'd like to get one of these myself.
We love our 22/45, although a pain to field strip and clean, they are wonderful smallbore pistols. Congrats
Couldn't you get a larger scope? :rolleyes:
Looks fun
Couldn't you get a larger scope? :rolleyes:
hey i got it as a package deal lol. figured if it was included ill take it lol
I love mine..I have the mark 2 target with the long barrle.The wife used it to qualify for her CCW permit.The instuctor got a laugh out of it due to the long barrle.But he was impressed with the shooting of it..

Another perspective of the barrel...
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