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New member from New Mexico

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Hi everyone. My name is Jeremiah from New Mexico. I'm 22 years old. Been shooting and hunting since I was around six years old. So not new to shooting or Springfield Armory products. That's all my parents have carried for as long as I could remember, and all of my friends that carry also carry an XD of some sort. I personally have an XD9 subcompact as well as a recently acquired XDS .45 caliber. Looking to pick up another one here in a couple weeks in a 9mm for my fiancé as well as a full size XDM in .45 and now the XDS 4.0 just caught my eye. I am not new to forums either. I've been apart of car forums since before I could even drive. I came across this site when I was researching for my XDS purchase. I hope to become an active member on here and eventually start to be a contribution. For now I'm just going to be doing a lot of reading and soaking in information because I always want to learn more about everything. I thought I knew a lot about my firearms and now reading through here I feel like a total newb. So hopefully that changes here in the coming months.

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Welcome from Concord NC.
Welcome to the forum from Georgia
Welcome from Central Florida.
Welcome from New Jersey
Is this who I think it is?
Welcome from Ohio, Jeremiah.
Welcome from CA.

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welcome from ct
Welcome from Florida!
Welcome from Fla!
Welcome from connecticut
Welcome to the forum!!
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