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I admit it, I'm a "Holster Whore"! I've gotten one of just about every kind of holster you can think of for my XDs. I wanted to purchase a new IWB holster for my service XDs in kydex. I couldn't recall a single person that owns a Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. IWB holster that doesn't rave about how nice they are so I wanted to throw some money their way for a change.

I decided to take the road less traveled though and go with the Gurkha model with 15 degree cant for my XD 9mm service. This holster is fantastic!! The quality of its construction is evident from the very moment you see it and/or touch it. There is no adjustment in this holster from what I can tell so that is definitely where the C-T.A.C. is a step above. It is very comfortable too! I think it will be hard to use any of my other holsters for my 9s ever again. I wish I had purchased from them before now. I hope someone finds this useful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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