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So I've seen this guy at gun shows in the Denver area a few times and finally decided to pick up one of his holsters.

Center of Mass

It is the most comfortable, secure, OWB holster I've ever worn. I've tried Uncle Mike's, DeSantis leather, and a Fobus (not to mention the horribly inadequate-for-CCW-wear XD Service holster).

Rick, "CEO and Floor sweeper" according to his business card, is a really good guy with a fantastic product. The holster is 100% true Kydex - not this plastic junk that UM's uses that's super stiff. The inside finish is smooth and shiny with excellent, rattle-free retention. The outside is a matt finish a la Fobus. Comes in some different colors including tan and camo (even saw a CLEAR one, which isn't my thing but sure to offer up something to the closeted bling-addicts here). A lot of stuff is made-to-order, and he'll even work with you if you have a suggestion on how you'd like the holster modified a little, such as a low-cut front for IPSC.

I would strongly suggest giving this guy a look-see if you're looking for a close-fitting, strong, extremely comfortable, just f'n works beautifully holster for your XD. The only downside is that with the close-fitting part comes a sacrifice of adjustability of cant - but he seems to have met the draw/cant angle just about perfectly.

Plus, you've got to love a manufacturer that offers a model like the "SOF":
Stands 1" away from hip
(extra clearance for vest or love handles)
Check him out - I'm a convert.

- Mike
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