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New Guy

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Hi everyone. I just bought a used OD green XD 9mm and found this place while looking for info. This is not my first XD, but after trading around and trying other maker's guns, I've come back to the XD, appreciating the quality of this model a little more.
Mine is a service model(I think), came with 2 10rd mags and a holster. I guess I'll have to order an owner's manual, or see if I can download one.
It's nice to be here.
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Welcome from Oregon.
Welcome from Wonderful Wyoming.
Welcome from Ohio.
Welcome from Arizona.
Welcome from Iowa
Welcome from Nor-Cal!
Welcome from Minnesota!
Hello and welcome from Louisiana.
Welcome to the forum...:)
Welcome from Washington's Olympic Peninsula!
Howdy from Kansas!
hello there
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from Washington!
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