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new guy

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Hey everybody, just wanted to introduce myself as a new guy on the board. Just got a slightly used XD40 4" for Christmas. Ive been lurking around the board for a few weeks while researching the gun before I made my decision, decided now that I have the gun I should join. I have very little experience with handguns, so I hope to learn a lot and hopefully be able to input a little.

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where at in Indiana?
XDJeepGuy said:
I live close to Bedford IN and Im going to school in Vincennes IN. Anybody else close to those areas?

Thanks for the welcome!

Dunno about close, but I know where it is. I used to call on Visteon when I was doing sales. About 2.5-3 hrs from me. Regardless, welcome and enjoy the smell of powder running rampant in here.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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