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New Guy from Austin, TX

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Hello all, my name is Glenn Littrell and I am from Austin, TX. I just bought an XDM 3.8 9mm and I must say, 20 rounds is nice. I've had the gun a couple weeks and put around 250 rounds through it and so far I like it quite a bit. My accuracy is off, but I need some practice. Last time to the range I kept all of my shots in a 5'' or smaller group at 7 yards. Of course I am a victim of the low and left problem, but practice and awareness should cure that. This 9mm is tiny compared to my last two pistols which were a Desert Eagle .50AE and a S&W .500 Mag, both of which I sold due to ammo prices and just utter uselessness with carry. I am looking into a IWB carry holster soon and look forward to putting more rounds through this XDM.
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Welcome from NC
Welcome from Louisiana.
Welcome to the forum, Glenn.
Hi Glenn, welcome to the forum from Colorado
Welcome from Iowa
Welcome to the forum...;)
Welcome, from Central florida!
Welcome from Wonderful Wyoming.
Hello Glenn! Welcome to the forum from Northern California!
Welcome from OC, CA. Been thinking about moving to Austin for filmmaking related reasons. Seems things are pretty awesome there. Welcome to the boards. :)
Welcome to the forum from Farmersville, Tx.
hello there
welcome from Helotes
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