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New guy & Building skills at the range.

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Hello All,

Proud new owner of a XDM .40 in black. I'm sure everyone has seen pictures of the standard kit so I'll skip posting pics. I am grateful to live in Nevada but travel quite a bit through Kalifornia and will be anxious for those 10 round magazines. I plan on obtaininig my CCW permit and recreationally shotting with IDPA. For now I'm choosing 165 grain Golden Saber as my personal defense round but feedback is welcome...

Thanks for all the good information no this site! (With verification of course... after all they'll let any nut join :rolleyes:) But seriously, I appreciate your insights.

One question I thought may start an intersting thread is... When you go to the range what do you hope to accomplish? What skills do you practice and how. I've see many people just show up, blast away, and leave no better than when they came. After all, when Tiger Woods goes to the driving range he just doesn't hit golf balls and walk away satisfied. What do you do to make yourself a better shooter?

Thanks in advance
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I always do a series of drills that stress areas that a shooter must become proficient in. Trigger control is probably the number one skill. pistol-training.com is a site I have used for a time that has a bunch of drills that will make you a better shooter. I practice drawing from my holster at home along with a lot of dry firing using snap caps. I compete in IDPA and Tactical/Practical matches. The skills acquired are not like riding a bicycle; they will diminish if not practiced frequently. My carry gun is an XDM, 40. I use a 180 grain Federal Hydra Shok load for defense. One other thought, we tend to practice what we are good at, not what we need work on.
Though there are days that I like to go and blast away (like the other day after 4 hours of Christmas shopping....damn that felt good :twisted::grin:....I find myself usually working mainly on 2 areas.... my trigger squeeze and weak hand shooting. I also run through a few mags practicing point shooting.

I do quite a bit of dry fire at the range and at home with both hands and also some holster draw drills at home. I'll tell ya, dry firing at home does wonders for your accuracy and really helps to remedy a bunch of different shooting problems/bad habits that we start off with or tend to pick up here and there with time. I've gone to the range plenty of times and only threw down range 50 rounds in an hour. The rest of the time was all dry fire.

Good luck with the new "m" and keep up with the dry fire practice.
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i usually have impromptu competitions with my buddies...like, we throw an apple out on the 50 yard range, and then go shot for shot trying to hit it. other than that, if i'm not shooting idpa or the like, i'm usually working on accuracy. the range doesn't like it when i work on speed :)
Thanks for the welcome... I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!
Welcome to the forum!

Reading your post, you may want to do a couple searches regarding the XDm and Califorinia. I've seen it mentioned that its not just the 10 round limit which will keep the XDm from being Cali-legal, but also the need for a mag-release safety and the need for a loaded chamber indicator on the side, not the top. That is from memory, so again, you may want to do some searches of previous threads.

As for your specific question, I go through about 50 rounds working on accuruacy (mostly trigger pull), then I put up large sized post-its over my target and work on draw and shooting 5 round bursts.
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