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Rob over at TacStrike has been hard at bringing new target systems and range infrastructure to the market. You guys have all seen the quarter scale steel target that I am always shooting at but here are a few of his new products.

First up is his Economy Target Carrier. You can run 2x2's in the stand of the steel target but here is another option if you need to set up multiple paper targets. The carrier breaks down into a much smaller package that makes it easier to transport if you don't have a large truck. It also makes easier to store, taking up less space so the wife isn't constantly tripping over your stuff haha.

Another target stand is the Stake in Carrier. It provides a more permanent option and is great if you have a piece of land that you shoot at. They are also a great option if you are an instructor and need to teach courses on the road with limited infrastructure.

The last product is one that has been a long time coming. One of the draw backs to training on shooting through glass is having to drag vehicle out. Some ranges require that the vehicle be drained of fluids which makes the issue that much harder. The Windshield Training System allows you to set up the stand wherever needed and a run to the local scrap yard or glass shop will provide you with the ability to train all day. It allows you to adjust the angle of glass to replicate everything from shooting into a tractor trailer to shooting out of a sports car.

You can find out more info on the TacStrike website: TacStrike Steel Targets
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